Obulu means Thank You.

The concept of Obulu Coffee came about almost one year ago while we were planning our mission trip to Nigeria.

Our goal was to create something epically delicious that people of all backgrounds could come together over, and what better than a cup of coffee?

There is a lot of ​decent coffee on the market, but we want to provide the ​absolute ​best specialty coffee, which means it has to be precision roasted to order, ethically sourced, and simply the best. We have accomplished our goal, and now we present you Obulu Coffee.

Obulu means "thank you" in the Esan language of Nigeria. We wanted a brand that demonstrates unity and appreciation. There is so much anxiety and negativity in the world today; we want to change that. A simple "Obulu" or "Thank You" goes a long way. Every time you drink a cup of Obulu, we appreciate you and thank you.

We dedicate our lives to helping those in need.

A portion of the proceeds from each Obulu Coffee purchase will be donated to the non-profit A Boy and His Dream. Every time you take a sip of Obulu Coffee, you are helping support underserved youth.

A Boy and His Dream is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports underserved youth. We focus our charitable giving on two pillars: Underserved Youth in Chicago and Underserved Youth in Nigeria. All our board members are volunteers; therefore, 95% of the money we fundraise for A Boy and His Dream goes straight to the programs and charitable giving we offer.

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