Obulu Cold Brew

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Obulu Cold Brew is a delicious brew any time of the year.
Product Description

Take Obulu Cold Brew to the beach, the pool, a soccer game, or enjoy at home. It's a delicious blend that cools you down in the summer heat.

This organic blend is carefully curated to deliver you the best cold brew. 

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, Sweet Toffee, hint of Vanilla

Medium Roast

We found the happy brew time for Obulu Cold Brew is 18-19 hours of refrigeration. Mix 1.5 cups of coarse ground Obulu Cold Brew with 6 cups of filtered water and store in the refrigerator. We recommend swirling the grounds in the cold brewer every few hours so that the water saturates all the grounds. You'll want to invest in a good cold brew maker to make a nice cold brew. After much research, we found one that is both economical and practical. We recommend the Takeya cold brew 2qt. With the 2qt, you can make enough cold brew to last 1-2 weeks.