Introducing Obulu Coffee's newest member of the family, Papua New Guinea!

Apr 02, 2024

Introducing Obulu Coffee's newest member of the family, Papua New Guinea!

Introducing Obulu Coffee's newest member of the family, Papua New Guinea! 😍

This delightful, medium-roast specialty coffee is from Papua New Guinea. We love its interesting flavor profile, which displays tropical mango fruit, citrus, and the mild richness of brown butter.

Tasting notes: Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Brown Butter
Origin: Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea
Medium Roast

Papua New Guinea (PNG) coffee beans are carefully grown and cultivated in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, which is well-known for its high rainfall and rich, fertile soil, hence why it has a reputation for producing some of the highest-quality coffee in the world.

Around 90% of PNG coffee beans are processed using the wet method, which gives the coffee beans their unique, subtle, and rich flavor profile. The"wet" or "washed" method is when the flesh of the cherries is separated from the seeds and then the seeds are fermented – soaked in water for around two days. This softens the mucilage, which is a sticky pulp residue that is still attached to the seeds. Then this mucilage is washed off with water.

After the fermentation process, the coffee is then rinsed free and clean of any residuals with water. The beans are then dried out in the sun using either raised beds made of screens, large flat patios, or with mechanical dryers. After these steps, the coffee is rested and then milled, resulting in a clean, polished bean ready for the roaster.  

The advantage of "wet" processing results in a clean and bright cup of coffee with well-defined acidity. The fermentation process in wet processing is easier to control, which can result in a consistent flavor profile from batch to batch.

PNG coffee beans are rich in complexity yet subtle and rewarding in their finish. It’s almost as if you can taste the fruits of the nation’s dense jungles, brimming with sweetness.

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